What’s So Great About Wood Pallets? A Lot!

wood pallets

Pallets are made from many different types of materials nowadays. However, wood pallets have become the most popular and there are a lot of reasons why people prefer wood pallets to other types of pallets. Read on to find out more.     Recyclable In today’s world, this is a huge plus. Wood pallets are…

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Key Factors That Influence the Price of Wooden Pallets

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Online stores and e-commerce have been disruptive forces in the retail sector, even before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Previous estimates showed global retail sales were to reach $27.7 trillion by 2020, with the figure later revised down $23.4 trillion by Business Insider. Shipping plays a critical role in the recovery of different sectors…

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How to Decide Between Hardwood and Softwood Pallets

new hardwood pallets

It is important to get the right kind of pallets for your business and while there are many options available when it comes to new pallets, hardwood and softwood pallets are the two main types. Hardwood pallets were the preferred choice for many years but quite a few pallets are built from softwoods these days,…

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What Is The Pallet Design System Software?

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Coming up with pallet designs by hand or using a CAD system is a time-consuming task. Apart from that, it’s prone to over-design or errors. Once you are done designing the pallet, you will need to test the hand-drawn or CAD-designed finished product to ensure it meets your client’s needs. However, this process is somewhat…

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6 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Wooden Pallets


The pandemic continues to spur a radical shift from brick-and-mortar retail to e-commerce. Online retailers saw sales increase by 14.8% between February and April 2020 as compared to a similar period the previous year. The surge spills over to the pallet industry as companies strive to meet the increased demand in shipping. Your business needs…

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A Guide On Heat Treated Pallets In Georgia

Wood pallets have been in use within the shipping industry for many years. Wood pallets allow for the safe and secure transportation of goods across the globe. The US census reported that retail sales hit a new record high prior in 2018 totaling about $6 trillion. With 80% of all goods transported on pallets, wood…

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New or Recycled Pallets? Which is Best for Your Business?

If you own a distribution or manufacturing business in Florida, you probably need pallets to either store or move merchandise. But how do you choose what type of pallets are best for your business? Should you look at recycled wood pallets, new wood pallets, or remanufactured pallets? There are several considerations to take into account…

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What You Need to Know About Wood Pallets

No matter where your business is located or what type of manufacturing or supply business you have, you may likely depend on wood pallets. Wood pallets, Miami business owners have discovered, are highly versatile and one of the best ways to transport goods and supplies. The best wood pallets Premier Pallets in Tampa, Orlando and…

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A Detailed Guide to Choosing the Best Wood Pallets in Florida

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Wooden pallets are crucial pieces of equipment in the shipping industry. Correct pallets guarantee the safety of your products as you ship to different destinations. The global wood pallet market value stands at $10.43 billion as of 2020, and it is expected to rise by a CARG of 6.0% to $15.75 billion by 2026. With…

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