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The city of Charleston, South Carolina, is home to multiple essential manufacturing companies that benefit the rest of the United States. These companies include Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, food industries, and many more. In addition, did you know that Charleston was known as the manufacturing center of the Old South, specifically during the mid-1800s?

That means that if you’re a new or expanding manufacturer in the area, you’ll face fierce competition. So, how can you ensure you develop a good reputation with customers? The answer is having the best logistic tools to ensure your products are delivered on time and in top-quality shape.

Equipment that can assist in making this happen is forklifts, pallet jacks, and wood pallets. However, wood pallets are among the most crucial.

Wood pallets for sale for manufacturers and businesses in Charleston SC
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Which Pallet is Right For My Products?

A pallet is a horizontal structure made out of various materials (including metal, plastic, and wood) and is designed to secure delicate valuables that the consumer is stacking or transporting. These products include commercial goods or heavy items that people cannot lift.

Wood pallets are among the top pallets that manufacturers use due to their affordability, environmentally-friendly reputation, and sturdiness. They can also be reused, recycled, and remanufactured. The question is, how can you know the proper wood pallet lumber type to hold the equipment you’re stacking or transporting?

Wood pallets are made of both hardwoods (such as ash, maple, and oak) and softwoods (such as spruce, pine, and fir). These lumber types differ in their cost and durability. Therefore, knowing which wood type works best for your product is vital when placing your first order. It’s also helpful to note that remanufactured wood pallets are assembled from scratch according to a predesigned pallet specification! But, what are you supposed to do with this information overload?

Premier Pallets Supplies Durable Wood Pallets Throughout Charleston

If you are a new, existing, or expanding manufacturer in need of a reliable wood pallet supplier, look no further than Premier Pallets! We provide new, recycled, and remanufactured wood pallets to consumers throughout Charleston, South Carolina, and the rest of the continental United States.

With primary locations in Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia, Premier provides high-quality wood pallets to a variety of customer bases. Founders Scott and Michele Shaw have a combined 55 years of experience in the lumber and pallet industry. Additionally, their team is qualified to answer your concerns and queries while supplying consumers with hard and soft wood pallets that fit their products and budget.

At Premier, we understand the importance of prompt delivery. So, we do everything in our power to ensure that your pallet order is received on time. This way, you can continue your manufacturing processes without any delays and deliver your products to happy customers.

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Make Successful Deliveries & Transports

As a Charleston manufacturer, it's essential to consider how you can compete with others without the necessary logistics to transport your goods to your customers. It can be a real challenge, but that's where our team can help. We aim to find the proper wood pallets that fit best for your manufactured goods and keep your customer satisfaction up.

By working with us, manufacturers have reported increased production and overall success in shipments with our new, recycled, and remanufactured wood pallets made from all types of lumber. This has played a role in the growth of South Carolina's economy. Access to the right tools is crucial for keeping your business running smoothly, and we're here to ensure you have what you need to succeed.

If you’re a manufacturer in Charleston, South Carolina in need of durable wood pallets for your goods and products, contact Premier Pallets for more options and a quote on your order at (800) 570 - 9727.

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