Atlanta is THE distribution hub for the southeastern US. From Atlanta proper to suburbs like McDonough, Lawrenceville, Lithia Springs and Gainesville to the north a large percentage of goods destined for the southeastern US move through the Atlanta logistics hub.

Pallets in Atlanta GA
Pallets in Atlanta GA
Pallets in Atlanta Georgia

Premier provides new, recycled and remanufactured pallets to a variety of manufacturers, growers, distribution and warehouse operations plus third-party logistics organizations.  Our recycled pallets are bought, repaired and graded based on the pallet’s condition and includes, in the 48 x 40 sizes, premium A grades, standard A grades, B+ grades and B grade pallets.  For a more specific description of each grade, check out our Recycled Wood Pallets page.

We can build new pallets from mixed hardwoods, like oak and maple, or southern softwood lumber which is southern yellow pine.  To maximize price savings we can even do a combination of the two types of lumber and we have new pallet manufacturing facilities in both Florida and Georgia. Our remanufactured or “combo” pallets are built from scratch using all reclaimed lumber or a combination of new and reclaimed lumber.  These pallets are a great alternative to buying new pallets as the cost will be less.

Finally, all of our pallet types can heat treated, which is required for any wood packaging that will be exported out of the US.  Our HT pallets, whether used, new or remanufactured will be appropriately marked with a certified HT stamp signifying compliance with the ISPM-15 requirement.

Supply problems have been a constant struggle for many pallet users especially since the COVID pandemic exacerbated supply chain issues. Premier takes its role of pallet provider seriously and ensuring customers have pallets at all times is our highest priority.

For our new and combo pallets we can check your current design for redundancies and make suggestions on improving the specification using the Pallet Design Software. Is your pallet footprint optimized for your product? Is the footprint optimized for unit load characteristics and handling?  Can the design be improved using less lumber without sacrificing performance?  These are questions our pallet professionals can answer.

Simply fill out the Quote Request Form to receive a quote from us or call us directly at (800) 570-9727 to speak with a pallet professional.

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