High rise hotels and pretty sandy beaches are not the only things Miami has to offer.  Because of the population boom in Florida over the last 50 years many industries have chosen to locate facilities in southern Florida to accommodate the burgeoning growth of residents.  From building products to agriculture these industries need pallets.

Pallets in Miami FL
Pallets in a Warehouse in Miami FL
Pallets in Miami Florida

For Miami’s pallet users, Premier can supply recycled, remanufactured and brand new pallets,  Our factory-fresh pallets can be built from mixed eastern species hardwoods like ash, oak and maple or from Southern Yellow Pine, a southern softwood lumber.  We can even build a pallet made from a combination of both hardwoods and softwoods.

On the used pallet side, we repair, sort and grade the 48 x 40 variety of these pallets into one of four grades: premium A  grade, standard A grade, B+ grade and B grade.  We often set up scrap pallet retrieval programs with these buyers.  For a detailed explanation of the different 48 x 40 (or grocery) pallets grades see our Recycled Wood Pallets page.

Our new, recycled and remanufactured pallets are built at facilities in Florida and Georgia.  Remanufactured pallets are constructed from reclaimed (used) lumber and can be a very economical alternative to purchasing a new pallet.  We can even build these pallets with a mix of new and used lumber.  Our remanufactured pallets can also be referred to as “combo” pallets.

As Miami is also home to several ports we can treat any of our pallet types with heat, which renders them exportable according to international ISPM-15 wood packaging requirements.  These pallets are marked with an HT stamp signifying certification of the export standard.

The global pandemic has also affected the pallet supply chain as pallets became scarce and the cost of new lumber rose dramatically.  An industry shift from new to used pallets exacerbated the shortage on the recycled side as well.  As any manufacturing or distribution facility will shut down without pallets, it was our number mission to ensure our customers had adequate pallets on hand.

Does your supplier run out of pallets at critical times?  Does your provider utilize the Pallet Design System to make sure your pallet is designed and built with the most effective footprint given the unit load?  Is it designed to ensure cost-effectiveness?  Our pallet professional can answer these questions for you.

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