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The city of Columbia features a variety of industries that are common to many medium-sized metropolitan areas. These include manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, research, and transportation. One of their most successful industries is manufacturing. This is usually attributed to their ample transportation and logistical benefits (such as access to airports, highways, interstates, and the busiest ports in the United States). However, while this area is surrounded by a variety of beneficial resources, manufacturing companies require the proper transport tools and equipment to make this process a reality.

If you’re a new manufacturing company in Columbia, South Carolina, have you ever questioned what would happen if your goods and products were not protected or secured properly during the shipment process? The answer may vary, however, all will result in unsatisfied customers. To facilitate the lives of industrial workers, logistic machinery such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and wood pallets were invented in the early 20th century. Since then, stacking and transporting manufactured goods have been smoother. Out of all the tools that are recommended for Columbia, South Carolina manufacturing companies to invest in, wood pallets would come at Number 1.

Wood pallets available for sale in Columbia South Carolina
Recycled pallets in a warehouse in Columbia South Carolina

Select the Right Wood Type

Different manufacturing companies can produce a variety of different materials that are large, breakable, dangerous, or heavy. Therefore, as a newer manufacturing company within Columbia, South Carolina how well do you know the products that you’re stacking and transporting? Determining this will greatly assist when selecting the right wood pallet for your items.

In truth, pallets are designed in a variety of materials such as plastic and metal, however, pallets made out of wood are highly suggested more often due to their strong durability and meeting the four “R” criteria:  repairable, recyclable, reusable, and stemming from renewable resources. This makes wood pallets more environmentally friendly compared to their plastic and metal counterparts. In addition, wood pallets also come in a variety of different hardwoods (such as mahogany, ash, oak, and maple) and softwoods (such as fir, spruce, and pine).  All types undergo similar processing, although, the one significant difference between softwood and hardwood types is the British-thermal unit (BTU) measurement. Softwood pallets typically have higher BTU output, which means it burns at higher temperatures due to higher concentration of lignins.

However, as a brand-new Columbia manufacturer, selecting the right lumber type for your products can be overwhelming and tricky. Therefore, it’s recommended to seek advice from an expert wood pallet supplier.

Premier Pallets Supplies Reliable Wood Pallets to Manufacturing Industries Throughout Columbia, South Carolina

If you require reliable wood pallets for your manufacturing company, Premier Pallets has a team of professionals that can supply new, recycled, and remanufactured pallets to a wide range of industries throughout Columbia, South Carolina and the rest of the continental United States.

With over 55 years of combined experience in the pallet industry, owners Scott and Michele Shaw are well-trained in their craft and have the qualifications to assist a variety of manufacturers in selecting the proper wood pallets for their materials. With primary office locations in Tampa Bay and Atlanta, our customer base includes a wide range of industries from hydraulic companies, food service manufacturers, wineries, warehouse operations, freight carriers, and other industrial companies throughout Columbia.

As a business, we’re dedicated to ensuring that all consumers receive the proper wood pallets within a timely manner to conduct regular business operations and ensure a boost in Columbia, South Carolina economy. In addition to our wood pallet services, we also provide consumers with heat-treating services to create lumber compliant with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM-15). ISMP-15 stipulates the treatments and protocols necessary to reduce the risk of invasive pests as a result of the usage of wood packaging material (WPM).

Stack of wood pallets owned by a supplier in Columbia South Carolina
Miniature of pallets and boxes in Columbia South Carolina

Find the Wood Pallet that Best Protects Your Products

As a manufacturer within Columbia, South Carolina, there is a lot of serious competition to keep up with, therefore it would be in your best interest to ensure that your consumers are satisfied and your products are delivered safely and in great condition. With assistance from our team, we can provide the right logistic tools to facilitate the transport process.

Our recycled pallets vary from Premium A Grade, Standard A Grade, One Stringer B Grade, or B Grade and come in multiple different shapes and sizes. If you’re unsure about the lumber type needed for the most successful transport, our team can answer all questions and give additional information to find the right lumber works for your products and determine whether new, recycled, or reused pallets work best for your pocketbook.

If you’re a manufacturer or work in an industry that requires durable and long-lasting wood pallets in Columbia, South Carolina contact our team at Premier Pallets for all options and a quote on your order at (800) 570-9727.

They have provided new and recycled pallets to my business for years. Great service and pricing.

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