Savannah, once a key strategic port during the American Revolution and a shining star in the economic growth of a burgeoning nation, is once again rising to meet the demands of the country she serves.  Now, in the modern era, the four major drivers of Savannah’s economy are tourism, military, manufacturing, and the Port of Savannah.  Fueling this growth is Savannah’s proximity to major interstates that allow importers to reach all major cities in the Southeast and the mid-west within one to two days travel.  Rail lines allow that reach to stretch further with the ability to move more product.  Major cities such as Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, and Birmingham are all easily accessible from Savannah.

Pallets in Savannah Georgia
Pallets in a Warehouse in Savannah GA
Pallet Supply in Savannah Georgia

Premier Pallets has the ability to provide new, recycled and remanufactured pallets to all industries in and around Savannah.  Not only does Premier service industrial clientele, but Premier can provide service to the agricultural community that surrounds Savannah.  All grades of recycled pallets, new pallets, and custom sizes are carefully refurbished or built to exact new specifications to meet the customer’s needs.

Some of our new hardwood pallets are built from mixed hardwoods of varying species, or we also offer pallets built from softwoods such as Southern Yellow Pine.  We even offer a remanufactured pallet constructed of both new and reclaimed lumber from old repairable pallets to create a “combo” pallet to help customers realize some savings while not giving up functionality.

Finally, in a market like Savannah that relies on the shipping industry to keep the economy healthy we offer Heat Treated pallets that are ISPM-15 compliant for exportation.

Service is our number one priority and making sure our customers have been able to stay up and running during these trying times of the CoViD-19 Pandemic has been critical.  We take very seriously keeping our customers supplied so that any downtime is NOT caused by a lack of pallets.  Do you need a new, recycled, combo or heat-treated pallet?  Our pallet professionals can help you.

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