Throughout history, one finds that the most important cities and hubs became that way because of connections to well-traveled pathways.  Chattanooga was no exception to this rule and was a crucial city during the American Civil War because of the many roadways and in the mid-1800s and the railroad. After the war, the railroads allowed for the city to grow into one of the largest industrial centers in the South. Today, Chattanooga is home to many industries that power the economy.  This includes automotive, advanced manufacturing, food and beverage production, healthcare, insurance and corporate headquarters. Chattanooga has only grown stronger as a transit hub in the modern era that benefits by multiple Interstate highways and railroad lines.

Pallets in Chattanooga TN
Pallets in a Warehouse in Chattanooga TN
Pallets in Chattanooga Tennessee

Premier Pallets can provide pallets to businesses and manufacturing in and around the city of Chattanooga.  Premier has a selection of the various grades of used and recycled pallets and new pallets of standard and custom sizes.  Premier can meet the needs of the industrial community in and around Chattanooga.  Premier Pallets also has strategic partnerships with many common carriers that are experienced in servicing both the manufacturing sector and often have adjacent strategic partnerships with the receiving client.  These mutual relationships help make pallet delivery as smooth as possible with very little disruption in the receiving team’s workflow.

Offering both new hardwood/softwood and recycled pallets, Premier Pallets has many different platforms to help customers meet their shipping needs.  We also offer combo pallets constructed of both new and reclaimed lumber.  This allows the customer to realize true pallet savings from the cost of a new pallet and allows them to be able to ship on a stable pallet platform.  Heat treated pallets for those that need to ship ISPM-15 compliant pallets for export are also available.

Our number one priority is making sure our customer’s needs are met.  Do you need a new, recycled, combo, or heat-treated pallet?  These are questions our pallet professionals can answer.  Simply fill out our Quote form to receive a quote from us or call us directly at (800) 570-9727 to speak with a pallet professional.

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