Situated at the bottom of the Pinellas County peninsula, St. Petersburg is more than just a retiree haven.  The city has transformed over the last 20 years and now boasts a vibrant downtown, along with a favorable business climate.  St. Pete, the second largest city in Tampa Bay, has found a niche in medical and high-tech manufacturing, as well as financial services.

Pallets in St Petersburg FL
Pallets in a Warehouse in St Petersburg FL
Pallets in St Petersburg Florida

Recycled, new, and remanufactured pallets are Premier Pallets’ specialties.  We can supply new, dust-free pallets for pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as recycled pallets for other distributors, 3PL, and manufacturers.  Our used or recycled pallets consist mainly of 48 x 40 4-way pallets although we do stock 48 x 40 9-block pallets as well as a few other sizes.  Our 48 x 40 4 way pallets, or grocery pallets, are sold based on their graded condition, which runs from the highest grade, premium A, to the lowest grade, B grade.

Remanufactured or “combo” pallets can be made from all used (reclaimed) lumber or a mix of recycled and new wood.  These pallets offer a less expensive solution to purchasing a new pallet and can be a healthy alternative to virgin pallets.  We have numerous remanufactured facilities throughout Florida.

Southern yellow pine is a common species used for new pallets in Florida although we also produce new hardwood pallets as well.  Our pine pallets are typically made from kiln-dried lumber which reduces the moisture content of the wood to below 15%, making the pallets dry and suitable for customers where the presence of mold can be an issue.

All of our pallets can be treated for export use, which is a process whereby the pallets are heat treated in accordance with4-way the ISPM-15 specifications set forth for wood packaging material.  Our “HT” pallets are stamped indicating compliance with the export requirements.

For further information about our pallets, availability, and any other questions please call one of our pallet professionals at (813) 986-4889 or fill out our Contact Form.

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