Nestled along Interstate 4 in west central Florida, Lakeland is a significant distribution point in central Florida, conveniently located between Orlando and Tampa.  Moreover, in the late 19th century, multiple rail lines passed through and stopped in Lakeland.  In fact, because of the city’s excellent rail service, strategic location, and elevation above sea level, the area prospered.

Pallets in Lakeland FL
Pallets in Lakeland FL Warehouse
Pallets in Lakeland Florida

Today, Lakeland has distribution centers, freight carriers, and many manufacturers.  One of the Southeast’s largest grocery store chains, Publix, has headquarters in Lakeland, and the area still boasts a robust agricultural economy.  For Lakeland businesses needing pallets, Premier Pallets supplies remanufactured new and recycled pallets.  Recycled GMA or grocery pallets are graded based on specifications, such as whether the pallet has stringer repairs, as well as deck board configurations, and more.  From premium, A-grade pallets (the highest grade) to B-grade pallets, Premier has the correct type for each customer’s needs.  Additionally, 48 x 40 9 block pallets and other sizes are available for purchase.

New wooden pallets contain softwood or hardwood varieties or a combination.  Softwood pallets are built with southern yellow pine and are dryer than hardwood pallets, which are made from green lumber and thus have a higher moisture content.  Depending on load type, end-user requirements, and other considerations, one of the two types of wood will be the better platform.  Premier uses Pallet Design Software to engineer a pallet that meets customer needs while staying within budget.

Finally, a remanufactured or combo pallet may be the optimal choice for your corporation.  Alternatively, “reman” or combo pallets are made completely with reclaimed lumber or a blend of used and new timber.  You can cut down costs when switching from an entirely new pallet to a reman pallet, and we can even design reman pallets using the Pallet Design Software.

Also, these are some questions customers ask:  Is the pallet footprint optimized for unit load characteristics and handling?  Can you improve the design using less lumber without sacrificing performance?  Is your pallet footprint optimized for my product? Our pallet professionals can answer these and many more.  Fill out our Quote form to receive a free quote or call us directly at (813) 986-4889 to speak with a pallet professional.

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