Ponce de Leon landed in Tampa Bay in 1513, although Spanish settlement never took place there.  It wasn’t until 1824 when the United States Army established Fort Brooke that Tampa really became inhabited by settlers other than native Americans.  It was mainly an agricultural community back in those days although Tampa was destined to become a major Florida city by the 1960’s.

Pallets in Tampa FL
Pallets in Tampa FL Warehouse
Pallets in Tampa Florida

For those manufacturers, distributors and warehouses needing pallets in Tampa Premier has you covered.  We recycle pallets, built new hardwood and southern yellow pine as well as produce combo pallets throughout central Florida.  Our recycled pool consists mainly of 48 x 40 “GMA” or grocery pallets but we have other sizes available too such as 36 x 36, 48 x 40 9 block pallets and 48 x 48 pallets.

Our new hardwood pallets are comprised of mixed eastern US species of lumber, e.g., maple, red oak and hickory to name a few.  Our softwood pallets are produced from the ubiquitous southern yellow pine.  We can also heat treat either type of pallet to ensure suitability for export use.

Combo pallets, sometimes called remanufactured pallets, are made from a recycled wood or a blend of new and used lumber.  These types of pallets can be constructed in various sizes and offer a cost savings over purchasing a pallet made completely from new timber.  These pallets can also be treated and certified for export use.

As previously mentioned, Premier can supply any pallets in a heat treated condition to guarantee compliance with ISPM-15 wood packaging export requirements.  Such pallets will be visibly stamped showing verification of the export specification.

Finally, we are licensed users of the Pallet Design System, a pallet design tool developed by our industry’s trade association in conjunction with Virginia Tech university, which operates a premier unit load center for packaging design and analysis.  The PDS allows us to help our customers make sure their pallet specifications meet their needs, are cost effective and are suitably designed for the product being placed upon the pallet.

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