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Struggling to Transport Your Valuable Items?

The city of Athens has a long history of manufacturing industries. Products created in the area include fabricated metals, medical and electrical equipment, power transmission, bioplastics, and nonwovens. Manufacturers produce essential products for all homes and businesses to operate and function. Therefore, these manufacturing corporations can assist other local companies in adding to Georgia's economy. However, this would be impossible if they failed to manage products securely.

For manufacturers to properly ensure their products are received safely and undamaged, they must utilize smaller logistic tools to maneuver large or fragile equipment. These tools include forklifts, front loaders, jacking devices, and wood pallets. Out of these, wood pallets are one of the most significant.

If you’re a manufacturer in Athens struggling to transport valuable items to your consumers, investing in used, recycled, or new wood pallets is the best first step to making a difference.

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Recycled pallets for sale in Athens GA

Why Do I Need Wood Pallets?

The usefulness of pallets in various industries cannot be overstated. Furthermore, pallets are available in many different materials, including metal and plastic. However, wood pallets are one of the best types for manufacturers. They are more affordable, eco-friendly, and can be bought used, recycled, or remanufactured, thus increasing their longevity.

The lumber used in the production of wood pallets varies, with hardwood and softwood being the most common. Hardwood pallets can be combined with lumber that is not kiln-dried and other wood types such as maple, ash, oak, mahogany, and others. Alternatively, softwood pallets consist of spruce, pine, and yew and may be less expensive than hardwood. Regardless of the type you require, all wood pallets are beneficial to the manufacturing industry.

It's important to note that manufacturers themselves may not have extensive knowledge of the correct lumber type to transport and stabilize their specific products. Thus, it's encouraged to contact a wood pallet supplier who services Athens to answer any questions or concerns. Finally, manufacturers can rest assured that their products will be transported and packaged safely and efficiently.

Premier Pallets Supplies Reliable Wood Pallets Throughout Athens, Georgia

If you require reliable wood pallets for packaging, shipments, and protection of goods, Premier Pallets provides new, recycled, and remanufactured wood pallets of various lumber to manufacturers throughout Athens, Georgia, and the continental United States.

We use the Pallet Design System (PDS) software developed by Virginia Tech to custom design our new wood pallets to meet our customer’s packaging needs. In addition, our recycled pallets include types such as Premium A Grade, Standard A Grade, One Stringer B Grade, or B Grade. Each comes in many shapes and sizes according to your needs.

With over 55 years of combined experience in the wood pallet industry, owners Scott and Michele Shaw have a thorough understanding of all lumber sources and production. They can listen to your manufacturing needs and can assist you in selecting the correct lumber type to protect your specific products.

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Safely & Securely Handle Your Goods

If you’re a manufacturer in Athens, Georgia, and need proper logistic tools such as wood pallets to securely manage your products, our team can help you make the right lumber selection for your items. Those who contact our Florida or Georgia-based suppliers for new, recycled, or remanufactured wood pallets often report great quality customer service and smooth shipments.

While using our various wood pallets, you’ll love the affordable tool that is also environmentally friendly with its longer-lasting materials. Our goal is to deliver proper wood pallets to consumers promptly. Therefore, your goods can be delivered to your customers without delays to satisfy them.

If you’re an industry in Athens, Georgia that requires reliable wood pallets, have questions, or would like more information on our pallet products, contact our team at Premier Pallets to request a quote at (800) 570-9727.

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