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The city of Montgomery and the surrounding River Region are home to a diverse array of manufacturing companies that provide Alabama’s economy with an annual impact of about $4 billion. These companies represent the heart of developing businesses throughout the United States.

All manufacturing industries require individuals to handle goods and supplies of all sizes to be stacked, stored, or shipped. These products can be anything from cement, glass materials, heavy equipment, food products, hardware, and many more. However, materials that are heavy or fragile can be difficult to manufacture without the proper tools needed to keep them secure throughout the process. Items can easily break or injure workers.

Forklift trucks revolutionized material handling when they made their debut in the late 1800s. Wooden pallets facilitate the process of stacking, racking, and securing products and valuable goods. Manufacturers cannot maintain success without utilizing wooden pallets to ensure the safe moving and transferring of materials. Are you in need of a reliable way to keep your company afloat?

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So Many Wooden Pallet Types!

Are your supplies large, breakable, or heavy? Knowing this can help one figure out which type of pallet can guarantee the most successful and effective protection.

Plastic pallets can't handle as much weight as wooden pallets and hurt the environment. Wood pallets are made of hardwoods (such as oak, maple, and ash) and softwoods (such as fir, spruce, and pine).

Wood pallets are more popular and recommended than their plastic counterparts because they meet the “four R's” criteria: Reusable, Repairable, Recyclable, and stemming from Renewable Resources. This makes them much more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient in the long term. Lumber as a material also tends to be much more durable to transfer delicate goods from one place to another. But, which lumber type is the best for your manufacturing company? To find that out, you’ll have to consult a professional wood pallet supplier that services Montgomery.

Premier Pallets Provides Sturdy & Durable Wood Pallets in Montgomery

If you’re a manufacturing company in need of sturdy and durable wood pallets, Premier Pallets supplies new, recycled, and remanufactured pallets to a wide range of industries throughout Montgomery, Alabama, and the continental United States.

With principal offices located in Atlanta and Tampa, Premier Pallets specializes in providing and delivering high-quality wood pallets to our customers of various industries. Owners Scott and Michele Shaw have spent a combined 55 years of their professional careers in the pallet and lumber industry. Our customer base includes all industries from warehouse operations, food service manufacturers, freight carriers, wineries, and other industrial companies.

Our team has extensive knowledge of the right wood type and pallet size that best fit each customer’s needs. Our 48 x 40 recycled pallets vary from Premium A Grade, Standard A Grade, One Stringer B Grade, or B Grade. We also have other recycled pallet sizes available. In addition to supplying recyclable or new wood pallets of various sizes, our team provides heat-treating services to ensure that wood and lumber are compliant with the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM-15).

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Receive Pallets That Work For You

Since our inception in 1993, customers who have purchased our wood pallets have reported a smoother and more secure transporting process. The best part is that our wood pallets are provided in a variety of lumber at affordable price ranges.

Your manufacturing company will be able to guarantee consumers their goods and products to arrive in good shape and on time. Additionally, if you utilize one of our recycled or remanufactured pallets, you’ll be able to accomplish a sustainable shipment or transfer with a more eco-friendly method.

If you’re a manufacturing company or work in an industry in need of reliable wood pallets in Montgomery, Alabama, contact our team at Premier Pallets for all options and a quote on your order at (800) 570-9727.

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