How Recycled Pallets Are Helping The Planet

Did you know that recycling pallets is good for the environment? There are a lot of uses for these pallets nowadays, including using them for shipping and converting them into benches, bed frames, and other home décor items. Here is how you can save the environment by using recycled pallets.

Recycled Pallets Reduce Waste

Imagine all the wood that people would need to get rid of if pallets were not being recycled. In a few years, there would be piles of wood that would end up getting burnt, and this would release a lot of carbon dioxide into the environment. Fortunately, when pallets are recycled, all this doesn’t happen. Wood from the pallets can be repurposed and used to create shelves, bookcases, coffee tables, and many more household items. The recycled pallets can also be used to make bed frames without taking them apart. There are a lot of easy DIY ideas for pallets on the internet that you can make use of and help avoid filling dumping sites with wood from pallets.

Promotes Sustainability

To obtain wood, there are many non-environmentally friendly activities that are carried out. As a result, it is currently estimated that at least 17 million acres of forest will vanish in the next 50 years. Some of the wood obtained will go towards furniture making. So, instead of making furniture with new wood and clearing forests, it would be more sustainable to use recycled wood pallets and save more trees. This is because when you repurpose wood, people will not need as many trees to serve the same purpose.

Wood Pallets Store Carbon

Releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere is one of the leading contributors to global warming. This carbon dioxide is removed from the air by trees during photosynthesis, and it ends up stored in wood as carbon. It will only find its way back into the atmosphere when the wood is burned and when it naturally decomposes. This is how wooden pallets store carbon. By recycling them, you avoid burning them or having them decompose on their own when they are dumped.

Recycling pallets is one of the most environmentally friendly activities out there. It removes the strain off natural bushlands and protects delicate ecosystems. This is one simple activity that has a huge impact on the environment and it doesn’t require much resources or commitment.