48×40 Wood Pallets For Sale

Stack of 48x40 wood pallets available for sale throughout continental US

Recycled, or used, pallets are pallets that were once new but have gone through a “trip,” or use of a pallet to ship a product from one location to another. After a trip that pallet (if it’s still usable) now falls into the recycled pallet pool. Most pallets are designed to withstand several trips and with proper design an ideal cost/benefit ratio can be found with respect to the initial price of the pallet and repairs (cost) and number of trips that pallet can be expected make in its lifetime (benefit).

48×40 Wood Pallets Categories

When searching for 48×40 wood pallets for sale, it helps to understand that not all recycled wood pallets are the same. Recycled 48×40 pallets broadly fall into these categories:

  • Premium A, AAA, #1 pallet
  • Standard A, A, #1B pallet
  • B+, one stringer B, BB pallet, #2 pallet
  • B, double stringer, #2 pallet
  • C, triple stringer, #3 pallet

The very best recycled pallets are Premium A pallets with C grade being the lowest (and cheapest!) quality. For a detailed description on what each grade entails please see our Recycled Pallets page.

How are Recycled Pallets graded?

Recycled pallets are graded based on several factors:

  • How was the pallet built to begin with?
  • How many times has it been repaired?
  • Were repairs made properly?

If a pallet was built from new lumber but with thin decking and stringer widths, then once that pallet falls into the used pallet pool it will not meet the standards for a Premium A grade pallet. Also, the specified board pattern for a 48×40 GMA or grocery pallet is seven top boards (two 6” and five 4” wide) and five bottom boards (two 6” and three 4” wide). 48×40 pallets are built with variations of that board pattern and fewer boards will mean the pallet will be of a lower grade (unless boards are added).

Repairs to a pallet will also affect the grade, from a simple board replacement to inserting a double or sister stringer next to a broken one. Premium A grade pallets have had fewer repairs and are as close to the pallet’s original strength (when new) while B and C grade pallets have had numerous repairs to damaged boards and stringers.

Where Can I Buy Recycled Pallets?

At Premier Pallets, we have sub-categories of grades depending on customer requirements such as hardwood-only used pallets, heat treated pallets, specialty B grade pallets and more. Each customer’s pallet requirements are unique and we specialize in tailoring a pallet that meets each customer’s needs at the lowest possible price.

For all of your 48×40 wood pallet needs contact us here.