New Pallet Quality Issues – Facts

Pallets with blue stains, a common quality issue found on new pallets

If your company purchases wood pallets you may have noticed variations in the pallets.  What constitutes a quality issue versus a cosmetic or benign imperfection?  This article aims to help clarify that question. If your company buys new pallets then there are flaws in almost every batch of pallets.  To keep the cost of pallets…

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48×40 Wood Pallets For Sale

Stack of 48x40 wood pallets available for sale throughout continental US

Recycled, or used, pallets are pallets that were once new but have gone through a “trip,” or use of a pallet to ship a product from one location to another. After a trip that pallet (if it’s still usable) now falls into the recycled pallet pool. Most pallets are designed to withstand several trips and…

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What’s So Great About Wood Pallets? A Lot!

wood pallets

Pallets are made from many different types of materials nowadays. However, wood pallets have become the most popular and there are a lot of reasons why people prefer wood pallets to other types of pallets. Read on to find out more.     Recyclable In today’s world, this is a huge plus. Wood pallets are…

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