A Guide On Heat Treated Pallets In Georgia

Wood pallets have been in use within the shipping industry for many years. Wood pallets allow for the safe and secure transportation of goods across the globe. The US census reported that retail sales hit a new record high prior in 2018 totaling about $6 trillion. With 80% of all goods transported on pallets, wood pallets play a significant role in the success of your business.

Companies that export product oversees must comply with stringent measures put in place for wooden packaging materials. Insects that are native to one country may be an invasive species when introduced to another country’s ecosystem. With the acceleration of global trade over the last 50 years this scenario has become reality too many times. The solution to the problem was to require all wood packaging material, including pallets, to be treated so that any living organisms present in the wood would be eliminated prior to shipment into another country. Heat treatment of wood pallets accomplishes that goal and is widely used in the US to ensure compliance with global shipping requirements.

What Are Heat-Treated Wooden Pallets?

Heat-treating processes have become the acceptable standard for sterilization of wooden pallets. While there are different ways to achieve the wood treatment, three steps stand out. The first step is the debarking of the wood. The wood is placed in a kiln and heated to at least 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature must be maintained throughout the wood components. The heat-treated pallets then receive a unique stamp to show compliance with international standards.

All goods headed overseas need to be put on pallets that have treatment for export. Inspectors check to see if the pallets have this stamp. This stamp acts as a mark-of-compliance that shows you have adhered to international standards. Therefore if you’re in Georgia, before trying to export products, always ensure that you have searched for ‘heat treated pallets Georgia.’