What Is The Pallet Design System Software?

Coming up with pallet designs by hand or using a CAD system is a time-consuming task. Apart from that, it’s prone to over-design or errors. Once you are done designing the pallet, you will need to test the hand-drawn or CAD-designed finished product to ensure it meets your client’s needs. However, this process is somewhat cost-prohibitive for average pallet manufacturing businesses. This is where the Pallet Design System Software comes in.

What is Pallet Design System Software?

The Pallet Design System software is a tool that can be used to analyze, design, and market new, used and remanufactured wood pallets. This system makes use of technology to properly design new wood pallets. It is capable of determining:

  • The safe load-carrying capacity
  • The expected performance
  • The material quantity needed.

The Pallet Design System considers the requirements of the end-user when designing new wood pallets. It also takes into consideration fundamental engineering principles relating to the properties and performance of lumber, nails and unit load equipment to come up with possible solutions. This allows pallet designers to come up with the best, most highly efficient, and cost-effective pallets for different needs. It is also possible to integrate Pallet Design Software with machines that assemble pallets. The user will then select the pallet type, size, and style and then the machine will do the rest.

Professional Marketing Tool


Manufacturers who use PDS can be found in the USDA BioPreferred Catalog. This helps federal buyers and their contractors to identify and buy biobased products. The label was designed to empower consumers and contractors to check out certified products or packages on websites. The label can also be used in advertisements next to certified products or packages.

Other uses include promotional or educational content, media, and collateral materials. Apart from that, the PDS can produce documentation that is very detailed and useful for making presentations to prospective customers. The PDS material also lists the company name, its address, and all the necessary details for both the supplier and the buyer. If you want to add extra notes, they can also be displayed on the pallet specs sheet.

PDS helps pallet manufacturers to reduce costs and reduce product damage. It can also help them increase safety throughout the manufacturing process. The system is getting better and better at doing its job and this will continue to help reduce their unit load handling costs. Through the use of this system in 2018 online retailers saw sales increase by 7.7%.