What You Need to Know About Wood Pallets

No matter where your business is located or what type of manufacturing or supply business you have, you may likely depend on wood pallets. Wood pallets, Miami business owners have discovered, are highly versatile and one of the best ways to transport goods and supplies.

The best wood pallets Premier Pallets in Tampa, Orlando and Miami has to offer can be used over and over again year after year. A lot of business owners use Premier Pallets to lower pallet costs without sacrificing durability. Whether you are looking for the best new pallet in Florida or you are more interested in recycled wood pallets, there are some things you should know about pallets.

A Long History of Service

Since WWII pallets have been helping people transport goods safely around the world. Pallets are found in every single supply chain. Since the 1940s they have been one of the best solutions for transporting, storing, and even displaying goods at retail locations.

Since the 1940s pallet design has not changed much, of course, but there are more options today then there were in the early days. Today heattreated pallets in Georgia, heat treated pallets in Tampa, and heat treated pallets in other locations are crucial and required if you’re exporting your products out of the US.

What Are Heat-Treated Pallets

Some of the best wooden pallets Miami has to offer are heat treated. Heat-treated pallets are required for any pallets being sent out of the US for phytosanitary reasons. Countries have regulations in place that require pallets to be treated to protect against the transmission of pests and disease from one country to another. Premier Pallets’ heat-treated pallets can be recognized by a stamp on the side of the pallet in accordance with ISPM-15 rules.

They are Recyclable

Pallets are fully recyclable. When they reach the end of their life cycle they can be dismantled and the wood can be recycled. Premier Pallets makes use of the reclaimed lumber to build remanufactured pallets, a less costly alternative to buying new pallets.

Premier offers new and recycled (or used) pallets. Recycled pallets often come at a generous cost saving. At any given time there are about 2 billion pallets in circulation. Two-thirds of the United States GDP comes from retail and just about every retailer depends on pallets somewhere in their supply chain.

The Pallet Manufacturer or Recycler Matters

Premier’s on-time delivery rate is 99.7% and that’s important when considering a pallet supplier. Whether it’s new hardwood or pine pallets or any number of our vast inventory of recycled pallets Premier has you covered.