Watermelon Season Leans on Pallets

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Watermelons in Pallet Crate

June is here and it’s time for watermelons to be arriving by the truckload at the Cordele State Farmers Market. Cordele is known as the Watermelon Capitol of the World because not only of the quantity but also the quality of the Watermelons grown in Crisp County and surrounding areas. The melons favor the soil in the region and grow to exceptional quality and flavor.

The Georgia harvest usually starts at the beginning of June, and some years continues on until mid-July, before moving on to Northern climates. Chances are if you’re enjoying some juicy and delicious watermelon at a 4th of July picnic, it’s come from Cordele, Moultrie or any of the other surrounding towns and counties in mid-state Georgia. Those delicious watermelons have to get from farm to table somehow, and Premier Pallets has been instrumental in helping the various Watermelon Farmers, and Watermelon Brokers palletize their product so it can be shipped throughout the United States and to eventually your local supermarket and your very own table.

For over twenty years, Premier Pallets has partnered with various farms and brokerages in a friendly existence. We’ve come to know our clients on a personal level and the partnership formed in these relationships puts us in a position to take a personal stake in the level of service that buyers need and expect during hectic harvest times. Premier becomes part of the team, and your success is a source of pride for us. Whether you need a B grade or A grade pallet, we’ll have you covered. We have over twenty years of experience and expertise servicing the Watermelon and Produce Industry and do what it takes to ensure prompt delivery so your outbound shipments are not held up.

If you’re a consumer looking for more information about Georgia Watermelons, try here: https://www.southwestgeorgia.net/cordele.html

If you’re a grower or broker and would like more information about how Premier Pallets could help you this harvest season. Call 1-800-570-9727. Or visit: premier-pallets.com

With cargo sitting offshore awaiting the end of the Longshoreman’s strike, the wooden pallet industry has had a calling that has experienced a deluge of demand. With products being held up from China and other main sources of world manufacturing and suppliers, this cargo needs wooden pallets.

Moving goods from place to place requires one major component and that is pallets. Wooden pallets are the staple ingredient and foundation in whatever it is that must be transported.

Premier Pallets in Atlanta have positioned themselves strategically where commerce is bustling and where transportation both domestic and international have found the hub. Positioned in the Southwest United States, Atlanta seems to be an excellent flight and cargo transportation location. With Florida, just south and the Atlantic crossing into Europe on its easterly border, access to destinations seems to be a sure fit.

The U.S. history of the industrialized revolution with railroad development and freeways positioned ubiquitously, the ability to move goods from manufacturing facilities to logistics centers that house, hold, and ship are essential. Pallets in Atlanta have therefore become the material that “cannot do without” item that serves all commerce.

Visit any major factory, newspaper, manufacturing plant, or supermarket and the common denominator found everywhere are pallets. Wooden, plastic, colored, neutral, they are pallets just the same. Built to last and support massive weights and sizes and frames, it is the pallet that enables movement throughout the world safely and with logistical ease. Of course, forklifts and pallet machinery are necessary as well to transport the pallets in an orderly fashion.

The advent of computerized robotics in many of the factories have also seen a change in pallet technology. This change has standardized some of the sizes and constructs of pallets whereby stacking and conformity of movement have established this necessity.

With Atlanta, Georgia being one of the major airports in the Southeast United States and Tampa, Florida also located nearby with Miami next door, Premier Pallets finds its gateway to many pallet users easy and useful. Although they distribute pallets to businesses all over the world, these two cities see the lion’s share of cargo movement.

Sensitivities to recycling and environmental issues have also required wooden pallet companies to comply with EPA standards that heretofore have not been as critical. With foodstuffs and animals that are moved in crates, the adherence to health issues and disease prevention force wooden pallet makers and distributors to be alert. Of course, different materials that are moved require different standards of care, making pallet usage a tricky business. Atlanta pallet companies find themselves seeking a fungible solution to this issue since supermarket chains in the Southeast are very popular. Publix, Winn Dixie, and Wholefoods are some of the largest supermarket chains that dominate the country.

For more information regarding wooden pallet manufacturing and use, contact Premier Pallets who services the United States with Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia locations. They can be contacted at Premier Pallets (813) 986-4889 5911 Breckenridge Parkway, Tampa, FL 33610 or (404) 445-0702 3330 Cumberland Blvd Suite 800 Atlanta, Ga 30339 https://premier-pallets.com