Recycled Pallet Shortage?

Is there a nationwide recycled pallet shortage? Depending on the grade or quality of recycled pallet needed, recycled grocery or 48 x 40 pallets can be hard to find in some regions. This is especially true for higher grade pallets. For some years now many pallet users made the switch from new pallets to recycled ones due to the cost savings. The trend accelerated during and after the Great Recession that began in 2008.

Premier Pallets maintains healthy stocks of recycled pallets in most major markets and our customers have never been left with missed deliveries. In addition, Premier has innovatively worked around pallet shortages without major cost hikes to customers. Combo pallets, or pallets built with a combination of new and recycled lumber, can help supplement the availability of high-grade recycled pallets. In addition, Premier utilizes the Pallet Design System software to design new pallets that are cost effective and match client packaging needs.

Whether it’s used pallets in Florida, Georgia and especially the Atlanta area Premier Pallets has the recycled, new or specialty pallets you need. Contact us for more information on our vast inventory of recycled pallets.