Recycled Pallet Grades: A Quick Guide

recycled pallets

Recycled pallets offer great savings and are an environmentally friendly option. Prior to the 1980s very little recycling of wood pallets occurred but since then it has become a huge industry, making the environment greener while extending the life of pallets built from new lumber.

At any given time, there are hundreds of millions of pallets in circulation. Recycling pallets and reusing them is a great way to cut down on waste and the need for raw materials while saving money on your shipping costs as well. This quick guide to recycled pallet grading will help you to make an informed decision.

Why Are Recycled Pallets Graded?

Used pallets are graded because like anything “used” the condition of it helps determine its value. Pallet grades are a rating system that determines appropriate uses and pricing. The higher the grade, the more expensive the pallet will be and in general means it has been repaired fewer times.

The higher graded pallets also can be expected to offer a longer useful life without repairs. The grading system delivers the information shippers need to make informed decisions.

The Grades

Used pallets are graded on a range of different criteria. The main criteria that are used to assign a grade are whether there have been pallet repairs and what type of repairs have been made.

For example, a “AAA” graded (also called Premium “A” grade) recycled pallet is a pallet that has had no repairs to the stringers. This type of pallet is in like-new condition with very minimal evidence of wear and tear.

Other grades include:

  • Standard A Grade – This pallet may have MINOR repairs to a stringer without needing a double or sister stringer as well as board replacement repairs.  Cosmetically it is not as appealing as a Premium A.
  • Standard B Grade – This type of pallet will have a sister or double stringer repair.
  • Standard C Grade – While this term is not really used much anymore, these pallets usually have multiple double (or even triple) stringer repairs as well as multiple board repairs.  This is a pallet’s last stop before retirement into being torn down for parts or mulched.  Most of these pallets are mixed in with B grade pallets nowadays.

In almost all cases, regardless of the grade, you can expect durable, reliable function from a pallet that has been properly repaired and recycled back into the supply chain from Premier Pallets.

The Savings

Many manufacturers and suppliers are choosing recycled options because of the savings. Why pay top dollar for new pallets when you can save substantially on used pallets? For many activities, a used pallet will get the job done the same way and help producers realize significant savings. For selection of the right used pallet for your shipping needs, call Premier Pallets to help.