Pallet Quality Counts!

Pallet Quality Matters


According to a September 1, 2019, Modern Materials Handling article summarizing a survey of 259 its subscribers, the biggest issue facing pallet users was the poor quality of pallets – mainly bottom boards – causing handling machine jams or faults.  This was true even though only 33% of the respondents use automated materials handling equipment, leaving the rest to use a combination of manual and automated systems.


The recycled pallet pool consists of various pallet grades or quality.  It is imperative that pallet users’ vendors understand specific materials handling requirements so that proper pallet quality can be maintained to minimize jams and pallet faults while maximizing cost savings.  If purchasing a cheaper quality pallet causes more downtime due to pallet failures then the organization’s cost savings from a cheaper pallet becomes moot.


Atlanta, Georgia, and Orlando, Florida are major distribution point hubs with many different pallet handling systems that are used by manufacturers and distribution centers.  Production and employee downtime can become a significant cost if pallet material handling requirements are not being met by a pallet supplier.  Does your pallet supplier fully understand your materials handling processes?  Are systems in place to ensure minimum quality standards so that pallet failure downtime is balanced with overall pallet cost?  Premier Pallets can evaluate your entire pallet supply chain and make recommendations on ways to reduce costs to your organization.  Contact us for more information.