Fork Lift Pallets: How to Pick Them Up Safely

Improper forklift use is responsible for 85 deaths and close to 100,000 injuries each and every year.

This is an alarming stat, but one you need to remember so that you’re always careful when lifting forklift pallets. There are some safety rules of thumb to remember that will keep your workplace safe each day.

If you use forklifts regularly in your business, follow these tips below.

Figure out Which Tool to Use to Lift Fork Lift Pallets

You have plenty of options when it comes to handling your forklift pallets.

First and foremost, there’s the traditional forklift, which is mechanically operated and able to lift large amounts of weight. This machinery is ideal when you have huge products that require precise stacking and heavy lifting.

For smaller jobs, you might opt for a hand truck. These hand trucks generally have the mechanical power that lets you lift smaller items so they can be neatly arranged.

Some other options include stackers and lift transporters. Look into these options so that you’re in good hands when it’s time to decide on the equipment that you’re looking for.

Understand Your Loading and Handling Procedures

Once you’ve found the equipment that you need, it’s time to learn and employ the right techniques.

The best thing you can do is take OSHA certification courses that teach you the ins and outs of each piece of machinery you’re handling. Every person on your job site should also have this OSHA certification so that injuries and accidents are kept to a minimum.

Keep checklists visible and plain on walls, and make sure that supervisors and safety inspectors are always on duty. The more knowledgeable your workforce, the less likely you’ll be to create forklift accidents due to improper use.

When using the forklift itself, always keep the forks even so that the load is balanced and you have full control. Keep your pallet arrangements neat and facilitate the flow of traffic so that your forklifts don’t collide or take up too much space.

Check for Capacity and Safety

When you’re using a forklift, knowing the capacity is key. Keep your loads well under the capacity limit so you don’t wear out the machinery or create hazards.

Make sure that you are always loading the forklift at the center so that your item is balanced. Always keep your forklift maintained so that it is highly visible and audible. Change the oil and handle routine repairs so that it doesn’t fail you in the middle of a load.

You should also choose high-quality pallets that are solidly built. Do business with a pallet company that can keep you stocked with whatever you need.

Stay Safe and Informed

Always stay ahead of the game when carrying and handling forklift pallets. The more you know about the machinery you’re using, the better the performance you’ll get from it.

Above all, train your staff and always make the right decisions when it comes to their safety.

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