Choosing the Best Pallet for Your Project

pallets for purchase

There are over 2 billion pallets in use at any given time. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find a pallet when you need one.

Looking through pallets for purchase can get overwhelming and confusing when you realize that there are a ton of different options for wood, quality, build, and size.

To help you find the right pallet for your shipment we’ve put together these four tips.

1. Size Matters

As you well know, carriers will not pick up your shipment if the items on the pallet are hanging over. This creates a liability of damage that the carrier isn’t willing to accept.

There are six standard international sizes for pallets. Then certain industries have a standard size that everyone uses. If your business ships within one of these industries, you’ll need to have pallets that comply with the standard.

If your shipments don’t fit on standard pallets, then you’ll have to go the custom pallet route. While a quarter of the pallets in the US market are 48×40, most are a custom size and may not be readily available in the recycled pallet market.

2. Designed for Your Use

Not all pallets use the same wood and build design. You need to pick the right features for both to ensure your shipments make it safely to their destination.

The two most common types of wood used are pine and oak. But other types of wood such as maple or ash can also get used.

Pine is a softer wood, readily available, and affordable. This makes it popular for the majority of pallets. It can also get treated making it safe for international shipping.

Hardwoods like oak are stronger. This makes them good for use under large or heavy shipments.

3. New, Recycled, or Remanufactured

You have three options when it comes to pallets, new, recycled, or remanufactured. New pallets are going to be the most expensive option.

Fresh new wood gets used to make these pallets, and you will often hear them referred to as “green.” This is a reference to the amount of moisture in the wood.

Remanufactured pallets are a good option if you want to save on the expense of new pallets. These pallets are built from wood salvaged from used pallets. If you need a custom pallet but don’t want new and can’t find it used, this is the option for you.

Recycled pallets are pallets that someone else bought, used, and got rid of. They will come in different grades that dictate their level of quality.

4. Heat Treated

Depending on where and what you ship, you may be required to use heat treated pallets. This process “cleans” the pallet by superheating the wood.

During this heat treating, any living organisms in or on the wood get killed. Now the pallet is safe for use in the medical industry or international shipping.

Without this cleaning process, you risk contamination. To be sure that you have a wood treated pallet look for an ISPM 15 stamp on the wood.

Find Pallets for Purchase

Knowing the correct wood pallet to purchase will save you a fortune in rejected shipments. Start by knowing the size, build, and type of wood you need.

Then you can decide if you need new or if a recycled or remanufactured pallet will work. Once you know these details, you can sort through pallets for purchase.

Request a quote today for your pallet needs.