5 Things To Remember When Buying Wood Pallets

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During the holidays, Americans tend to buy more than they would throughout the rest of the year. In fact, an estimated 20% of all retail sales in the United States take place during the December holiday season. And with good reason; whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah, you’re going to be buying gifts for your loved ones, and the 2020 season, in particular, will likely be dominated by online shopping. This means that a lot of products are going to need to be shipped en masse, which in turn means that they will often need to be shipped on wood pallets. These pallets need to be ready to ship and sturdy enough to keep products safe. With that being said, let’s look into what buyers need to seek out in wood pallets for sale.


If recycled pallets are you want then the grade you choose is important. Your customer will typically determine what grade of pallet they want your product shipped on. Lower grades are cheaper but many retailers require higher recycled grade pallets due to their superior strength and appearance.

2. Wood Treatment

The treatment used on the wood pallets does matter. For example, heat treatment is required for any products being exported outside the country. Premier Pallets has heat treatment facilities in Florida and Georgia.

3. The Sellers

As with any products, any heat treated pallets Tampa companies buy should be sought from a reliable seller. There is no point in considering pallets that are cheaply made or made from low quality materials; they will only fall apart and endanger the cargo you’re shipping. At the same time, however, you may be tempted to buy from a less reputable seller just because they’re selling their pallets for less. Remember: if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Not only are experienced sellers more likely to give you the products that you need in good condition, but they’re also much more likely to comply with industry standards.

4. Design

Don’t forget to consider the design of your new heat treated pallets. Although some may consider wood pallets identical to each other, there is definitely a variation in pallets. You need to remember that certain pallet designs will be less likely to break, and therefore be more reliable. For that matter, certain pallet designs are made for specific types of products. You don’t want to choose the wrong pallet design for the product that you’re shipping; if you do, the product will be much more likely to become damaged.

5. Materials Used

Even if you treat unreliable materials, they’re still unreliable materials. You need to think carefully before choosing the pallets made of lesser, cheaper materials. Most premium pallets are made from high quality timber for a reason: it lasts and is less likely to break.

Pallets keep your products safe during transit, making you less likely to lose money on bad shipments and more likely to have satisfied customers.