3 Key Benefits Of Using Wooden Pallets

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Wooden pallets are a staple within the shipping practices used across the United States. Their durability and versatility make them incredibly useful for a range of different businesses, but they offer much more to organizations of all sizes. Let’s take a look at the most important advantages of wooden pallets and how your business can benefit from them.

1. Durability and strength
We already mentioned that the durability of wooden pallets makes them a worthy investment, but it bears repeating. Wooden pallets are engineered to support a given load and Premier Pallets utilizes the Pallet Design Software to ensure a pallet will support the rigors of the unit load. Wood’s impressive durability and low cost make pallets built from lumber an excellent choice.

2. Simple to repair
While wooden pallets are less likely to break than plastic pallets, incidents do happen. Luckily, wooden pallets are very easy to repair. In comparison, plastic and aluminum pallets usually cannot be repaired, resulting in high replacement costs.

3. Free of pests
For exporters shipping pallets outside the US, Premier Pallets offers heat treated pallets. By using the heat treated pallets Georgia businesses trust, you can rest assured that your shipment’s pallets will be properly marked with an ISPM-15 stamp signifying compliance with all international phytosanitary shipping requirements.

With online retailers seeing sales increasing by 7.7% during 2018 alone, businesses need trustworthy materials for shipping their goods. If you’ve been searching for the wood pallets that Florida and Georgia businesses use, look no further. Contact Premier Pallets today to learn more about our availability of wooden pallets in Miami, Tampa, and Atlanta.