3 Factors That Affect the Quality of Wood Pallets

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Right now, small businesses are considered by many to be the backbone of the American economy. And like any business, they need to consider how they are going to have goods shipped and packaged.

In many cases, goods are shipped on wood pallets. Wood pallets, especially wood pallets Tampa and Atlanta based companies rely on, are rather versatile and offer many different uses. But it’s important that small business owners carefully consider the types of wood pallets that they use before committing to an order. Below, let’s look into the different types of factors that affect the quality of wood pallets Tampa and Atlanta area businesses purchase.

1. The Type of Wood

Perhaps most obviously, the type of wood that wood pallets are made from affects the structural integrity of the pallets in a major way.
There are two different types of wood that are typically used for wood pallets. Although other types can theoretically be used, they are much less common. The two most common types of wood used are hardwood species, and softwood species. Red Oak is typically the most common hardwood and Southern Yellow Pine is the most common softwood.

Pine has less density than Oak, therefore robust pallets made from softwood species are typically thicker than a comparable hardwood pallet. Oak is technically a denser wood, and therefore, pallets can be made with thinner boards because the wood itself is technically stronger because of its density. This saves on storage and shipping space.

2. Recycled or Not

Yes, wood pallets Tampa and Atlanta businesses use can actually be bought in their recycled forms. Used wood pallets come with several different benefits. For one thing, they tend to be cheaper, and therefore, it’s easier for buyers to accommodate their pallet budgets and ensure that they get the right pallet for their application at a budget friendly price. Used pallets are almost universally, readily available whereas lead times for new pallets can be seven to ten business days or more in peak season.

Another benefit of buying recycled wood pallets for sale is that they are indeed recycled. This has an environmental benefit, which is important to take into account when buying any product. Small businesses can lessen their environmental impacts by buying recycled wood pallets rather than choosing to buy wood pallets brand new.

3. The Products Being Transported

Wood pallets can transport a wide variety of different products. These products range from everyday household items that we are readily familiar with, to commodities, ingredients for finished goods, building and construction items, and etc. The list goes on, and we at Premier are fond of saying, “Pallets move the world.”

There are a lot of considerations to make when buying wood pallets. The more informed the decisions of buyers are, the easier it is for them to transport their products safely and efficiently.